Working Wednesday

2 pcs. toast w/peanut butter, 2 coffee, 3 gl water, cheese, tomato, crackers, hndfl dry cranberries, nachos, May's hm dumplings and 1 gl. iced tea

I was off this afternoon but got a ton of hockey work done. Entered all of the sheets for the city, all 96 players and a dozen coaches in the Hockey Canada database so they are all insured. I even did my buddy in Jersey a favour by updating his golf site. Now I have Thursday off and can do...oh snap, I'm going shopping.

What a great day. Any day in October where I can wear shorts is a bonus. I hate riding in pants. I discovered this week that my long way to work is not 5km but 7.5km. My mileage for 2009 is way off as I religiously went the long way to work and back. I never bothered tracking 2010, way down. 2011 will be a different story as doing it with a gps is so much easier, no gizmos to transfer from bike to bike. And much more accurate apparently. The city has the bike path closed for repaving right where I normally ride so I've had to find some new long ways to work. I enjoyed a bit of different scenery.

Mike called tonight. He's pretty pumped about coaching hockey. In Calgary players sign up in their neighbourhoods like Little League and they have one elite team for the city. In Midget they have 6 tiers below the elite and he's coaching tier 2, probably about the skill level of the Kings. I was surprised (and proud) to learn he was head coach, since he's new to the Calgary hockey community. They are already talking about a trip to Texas, a well funded team. He and Mel are vehicle shopping as the Pathfinder is just about done.

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