A Terrific Thursday

2 pc. toast w/peanut butter, coffee, 3 gl. water, crackers, cheese, tomato

We went shopping this morning, did bank deposits and then came home. Sal was off to work and I did a bit of LMHL work and then went over to Mission Marsh. Even a long train couldn't spoil the day. The deer were out in small herds, a nice breeze and 22. In October. Days like this are a definite bonus.

As I thought the HNO job was announced today. Another out of town university grad which I didn't expect. At least this guy is from Thunder Bay. We lost 2 players to broken collarbones this week which is very strange. At least they weren't on ice accidents.

The US senate just passed a bill that makes loud tv commercials illegal. AJ call your buddy Mr.Harper and get him on it. But first make it illegal to run the same commercial 30 times in an evening or two times in a row.

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