Friday Frustrations

cycle:16 km
2 pcs. toast w/peanut butter, 2 coffee, 4 gl. water, steamed rice, salad, potatoes, steamed veggies, chicken, bruschetta, 2 pc. carrot cake and a couple of caesars

I got to work and was greeted by 2 rush shop jobs. The first was a driveline that I had apparently fixed 2 years ago. I wasn't even sure what needed to be looked. I pulled it apart and found a pair of discs we might have supplied but had never installed. The customer argued that we had fixed it, "how long have you been here?" Too long. I cut the new discs put them back in and billed about $200 for an hour and some scrap material. The next job was a simple one, or at least would have been until somebody sold our compressor to brother John. I ended up taking the shoes to the customer's shop and using their air power to de-line the 4 shoes, then had to loosen, remove and replace the 144 rusted bolts and lining without an air ratchet. I've never had my hand cramp up but there were a few times when it wouldn't open. I finished at 5:27 and jumped on Eowyn to get home and cleaned up for the rehearsal party.

We entered Tony & Adam's and the place was packed. We had a private room but when we got there it was just 4 tables with place settings, no table cloth, no candles and garbage from a previous party just 6 feet from where Curtis and Jen were sitting in a small room where extra chairs were stored but in full view. I tossed the boxes, wrapping paper and empty envelopes on top of some chairs but at least out of sight. The food was good but served sporadially, potatoes just seconds after the salad and a good 20 minutes before the chicken. Sal was less than impressed.

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