Jill Gets the Call

walk:1.8km (Yes-Yessongs disc 2)
2 pcs toast, coffee, triscuits w/cheese, gatorade, power bar, caesar, brisket burger and casear salad

I had a 6:30 - 9:30 stint on the clock at Neebing and work til 5:30. How to get there? Both cars were going to be on the other side of town and unavailable. No way to connect with the 3 buses it would take. Didn't know any of the refs doing the game other than to say hi. 15 km through town on a single speed in an hour is pushing it. So I threw the lights on Jill and she got out of the basement for the first time since June. It sure was nice to ride with gears. Don't get me wrong I love the single speed thing but I was able to get there in about less than 45 minutes, change and still have time for a drink and check emails.

I sent a bulk email to all teams in Lakehead Minor after the Sunday meeting. I got a call Tuesday telling me HNO was swamped with people looking for things on their website. If they had only read that everything they wanted was on the Lakehead Minor website they would have been fine.

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