No Room to Move

walk:3 km (Kings of Leon-Only By the Night)
2 pcs. toast, banana, beef-cheese bun, diet 7up, crackers and cheese, steamed rice, baked fries, munchos, diet 7up

I worked from 1-5 and thought I would take the long way to work. I didn't even notice the purple sky to the north until I had riden a ways south and turned west. I quickly gave up the long way as it was going to end up being the wet way. As it was the wind was howling and it rained but not enough to soak me.

I went into the shop with a few small jobs and found just about every workbench gone. Those that remain were covered in bits and pieces form those missing. I said we should close the shop because I can't work around all the piles. That went over well.

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