Lights Out

sailing:3 km
2 pcs toast w/peanut butter, banana, coffee, diet pepsi, granola bar, corn bread, cavatini, water, wagon wheel (remember those?)

I spent a few hours at work Tuesday hearing all about how the shelves in the new location will fit under the lighting which is being upgraded. Measuring on the floorplan while looking at a grainy little camera picture of a dingy looking building. No I haven't actually seen the inside of the 'new' building. Yes we are officially moving. Letters to suppliers, signs for the counter and a message on the invoices all indicate the date. Back to the lighting. I've been working with absolute crap for lighting in the shop for 3 years and haven't heard more than a 10 minute argument about it being 'just fine'. I finally won the day when I said the light we have now is horrible, how much worse can it be?

How about that weather, when did we move to St. John's? Felt like a day beside the ocean.

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