Welcome to Apathy Bay

walk:2km (left my cell at work, variety mix on old ipod)
cycle:7km (pontoons and mainsail left at home today)
2pcs. toast w/peanut butter, 2 coffee, steamed rice, water, cavatini, blueberry/brownsugar cookies, wontons, diet pepsi

Gotta love good ole' TBay. Citizens have bitched and complained about city council for at least 2 years so what do the angered citizens of our fair city do? We set another dismal number for voter turnout, 46%. If you are happy with what is going on down on Donald St. then get out and help keep the powers that be stay in office. If you're not happy then get out and put your X beside someone you feel will do a better job. If you don't care then just keep on doing what you did, turn the channel on Thunder Bay. If election day had been Tuesday we may not have seen 30%. Good luck Mr. Hobbs.

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