Teams Made

It was along week from evaluations on Sunday, goalie testing on Monday and Thursday and work in between. There were eager kids trying out the pads without the basic skating skills that are a recipe for disaster. And parents whose kids are skilled enough and antsy to play in net but don't want them to. By the end of Thursday's practice we had 3 full-time goalies and 6 part-time. Of course the part-time path is one way to go but puts a strain on the equipment we have, Tom Petrie is smiling. I made about 5 trips there and had a few kids go for sizing.

I'd worked all day Thursday, rode across town to pick up the car and then picked up every piece of goalie gear we have from storage. After walking back and forth to Petrie's twice they were all geared up and ready to go. One kid didn't like his chest protector, tried two more consecutive sizes (1 too big, 1 too small) and then decided to get his old one back. I had to take it from another kid who isn't ready to play in net after breaking the news to him because his parents couldn't convince him. Once the goalies were all set it was time to make teams. I had to pick up Sal and sat in the parking lot reading emails and surfing for an hour, thank God for my phone. We had supper and watched Grey's anatomy and then I hit the drafting of teams. I was shocked when I checked the time and it was 2:18am. I had the teams but still had to get the info out to coaches and parents. I finally landed in bed at 3:38. I just hope the teams are close to equal. One more day of hauling equipment and then I can start biking back and forth to the rink.

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