Time For a Sip

A long day at the rink today but all 6 teams are up and running. I started the day dragging team sweaters, socks and accessories out of storage. From noon til 5 I met with coaches and got everything handed out, made a visit to Petries just to visit and went for a half hour ride between teams. With just a few loose ends left I can at least take a bike to the rink and come and go as I need to. I came home and did up the schedule and got it on the webpage, season kickoff is 2 weeks away.

I guess the HNO job is out. I haven't heard of anyone getting an interview but it seems to be taking a long time. My guess is they have imported another graduate of sports administration. Hopefully they found someone with a reason to stay in Tbay.

The season for Lakehead Minor starts Monday and I'm working the clock again. Every little bit helps and it gets me exposure to what really goes on at the rink. Hearing about incidents a few weeks after in a room in the college just doesn't give a true picture. Not that I'm going to witness every half-crazed coach or parent that throws a tantrum because an offside is missed, but being around some of the other side of the game gives me a clear vision of what I don't want to see Northwood become.

Seems like I'm talking about nothing but hockey lately. I guess it dominates a lot of my time and thinking. As of Monday I want to start more walking and riding to burn off some of the summer. I've been saying that to myself for a month or so but maybe saying it here will make it happen.

A glass of Famous Grouse tasted so good tonight.  

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