Thanksgiving Sushi


2 pc. toast w/peanut butter, coffee, 2 gl. water, sm plate pasta w/chicken, california rolls, duck, salad, crab cake, crazy cake, carrot cake, rye and diet pepsi

Somehow I slipped through the wedding weekend and lost 6 pounds for the week. I had everything I wanted, only had 1 drink at the reception but that was never a priority. I get up looking forward to my 20 minute walk, of course every day so far has been clear of rain. There's always the treadmill if it gets soggy.

Sal and I have been enjoying sushi rolls at the Sushi Bowl since my birthday and decided to try and make our own. She got all the supplies and today she made about $150 worth. We have lots of supplies and of course the few tools required left over. I rolled just once and my result brings back memories of her first batch of cabbage rolls when we were still in high school, just a few years back. I used way too much rice and the thing is about 2 1/2" in diameter. She went online for more instructions and her second batch are down to the nice size we were looking for. I tried a sample of the first batch and the taste is there, now with the rolling technique mastered she'll be cranking out one of our favourites. AJ and Jess are coming for supper for his birthday so they'll get the first try along with crab cakes, duck, caesar salad and crazy cake.

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