Transit Tuesday

2 pcs. toast, coffee, sushi roll, crab cakes, steamed rice, duck, carrot cake, diet pepsi, mentos

I took an interesting ride to Neebing Arena with our city transit system for a couple of games on the clock. Everything worked well, I even used the 'Next Bus' gps system from the stop where I transferred from one route to another. I walked down to city hall which was thick with wind turbine protesters, looking for the #3 Airport. I got there about 10 minutes early but saw the #3 on a bus in line. Nope, #3 Northwood. I saw another #3 arrive, nope #3 Memorial. I checked and rechecked the time and the stop. I was still in the right place. The #3 Airport finally showed up, why have 3 of #3? When you can only see the back of the bus you are running for, the 3 is all you get.

I rode about 15 minutes and the bus veered from the route I had in my head, making a loop around Victoria and Donald. I asked the driver if he came back to Arthur shortly, otherwise I would miss the connection. He grunted. I made the connection and got a very talkative driver. One guy put his bike on the bus at Frederica and Brown, rode to the store at the Mission and got off without his bike. The bus picked him up again as it passed by on the return loop and then dropped him at the same spot where he grabbed his bike and went his merry way. "Don't tell me he just went for smokes?" I asked the driver. He told me he gets lots of those. As we waited at James and Frederica, he told me he was waiting for the Mainline which had radioed that they were late and since no more buses head out Broadway for a few hours he was going to hold until the connection was made even though it made him late. He was pretty friendly for someone who might be walking a picket line in a matter of hours.

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