Back In the Shorts

Sal and I made a visit to Mom and Dad's today, I rode out to Sturgeon Bay Road in just under 2 hours. I went out Broadway to 130. As I was passing Candy Mountain Road there was a vast field freshly manured. Normally you just hold your breath for a few seconds and the smell passes, not this time. After breathing the foul air for a few minutes I said out loud, "Holy s*** that stinks" and then laughed to myself at how dumb that was. When I hit 61 I was into a head wind that slowed things a bit. At least I never mis-shifted this time out. I haven't riden a bike with gears other than road testing and nothing with drop bars so I'm still getting used to the new controls on Jill. On the way home we saw something we haven't seen on Sturgeon Bay Road for years, 2 bears.

I mentioned the fresh pasta we had Saturday and Mom presented us with a pasta maker. I can't wait to give it a try. The recipes are certainly simple enough. With the sauce recipes Sal has we'll be making some money dishes very soon.

The best thing all weekend was getting into the shorts I haven't been able to wear. It's only been 3 weeks of trying so I'm very happy with the results so far. Tomorrow morning is another weigh-in, wish me luck. Another dumb statement, what the hell does luck have to do with it? Speaking of dumb I developed an
allergy to weedwhackers. Seems I break out when the line whips into my leg at full speed, don't ask.

Week 3/7
scones, pineapple, strawberries, 3 coffee, 2 hm hot dogs, 2 diet sprite, cantonese lobster w/rice and sausage, tort, kolache

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